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Poor man's DIY gopro line mount

Created by Tweakage > 9 months ago, 28 Feb 2010
NSW, 2 posts
28 Feb 2010 11:02PM
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For the tweakers, here's my current gopro line mount which only costs about $5-$10 and 10 minutes max to make.

It is stable enough for video use in everything apart from nasty chop (read Dolls Point) and you can keep the camera level by twisting your bar slightly (which I forgot to do in my sample shot).

Hopefully the build is self explanatory but if not the body is 25mm high pressure pvc pipe, 2 t joiners, 2 plastic rings, some tubing and some shock cord. To setup the rear lines go through the rings and the front lines cable tie to the tubing under the rig.

For the gopro hd wide in 720p mode you want the camera to be between 1.2m and 1.8m from your harness hook when riding, and for 1080p you want the camera to be between 1.8m and 2.5m from your harness hook when riding.

Standard disclaimer: User beware! Don't forget to use the camera leash. This works for my kite, but may not work on yours and/or may damage your gear and/or may result in a nasty tangle if you crash your kite and/or may make the safety tangle and/or may stop the safety from working all together. Most importantly, be prepared for people to ask you what science experiment you have in your kite lines.


PS patent pending (no really)
PPS thanks to rob for the inspiration at

Sample view - who needs surf!

Top view

Bottom view

QLD, 147 posts
1 Mar 2010 7:44AM
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a pic of it attached to the lines would be great . . .

WA, 3461 posts
1 Mar 2010 6:32AM
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So now even poor people can enjoy the narcissistic trend of taking photos and movies of themselves.

NSW, 132 posts
1 Mar 2010 1:24PM
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gruezi said...

So now even poor people can enjoy the narcissistic trend of taking photos and movies of themselves.

- we need more of these on seabreeze ..

WA, 48 posts
1 Mar 2010 1:29PM
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Did you see the setup in the last issue of KBM? Looked simple and effective. Think it had some instructions to

WA, 684 posts
1 Mar 2010 3:00PM
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Tweakage said...

PPS thanks to rob for the inspiration at

No worries mate. Just another disclaimer to add: If you decide to try and make something based on my design per above photos, BE SURE that you put some small washers on the u-bolts on one side (on the side that the lines go through) so that the line can run freely through the u-bolts on the side where you connect your leash, otherwise you will have inadvertently created a death leash...

SA, 1 posts
8 Mar 2010 7:56PM
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I have a similar setup, however, if it's fixed only on the front lines, it rotate too much and it's pretty hard to look at the video at the end. There is the rotation of the kite which is not really the problem, but also the rotation of the camera alone around the front line, especially when you start jumping.

Have you got the same issue?

I'm currently working on a way to reduce the rotation using the back lines without impacting the flying of the kite. Will post some pic when it will work!


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