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Season started

Created by psychojoe Two weeks ago, 27 Sep 2019
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27 Sep 2019 6:35PM
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It may have only been 18knots, but I got time on the twin tip with the eight metre so I'm calling it, the season has started early.
And before anyone says this should be in the WA section, you all need to know what you're missing out on. And besides, General is the WA section

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27 Sep 2019 7:16PM
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Yep - two kites this week in the seabreeze - I think it's a good call for start of the season!

At Leighton today for a lunch time kite - amazed I was the only one out (apart from a few dolphins)

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28 Sep 2019 5:44AM
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And once again, has anyone noticed our 'Global Warming super low tides..
Wad kinda hoping for some huge high tides so Cottesloe and leighton become a sandbar for the swan river

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28 Sep 2019 10:00AM
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After most summer sessions I sit there thinking,
"How could my life possibly get any better?"
Oh my god it's not long now

I wish you all a glorious big air summer (or a highly flicky spinny one if that's more your style)


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"Season started" started by psychojoe