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Slingshot Demo Day at the Pond 6th Jan

Created by Jhana 4 months ago, 8 Jan 2018
WA, 55 posts
8 Jan 2018 9:49AM
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Slingshot had a demo day at the Pond last Sat 6th Jan.

I went over to say to have a look I was interested in their gear and in the market for a board

What a reception I got -apart from a grunted g'day I was completely ignored

No interest from the guys on the beach, no engagement - amazing

Maybe I should have texted them as they are unable to hold a conversation!

The Crazy fly demo the other week was just as bad - when I went over to have a look the guy asked if I would watch his gear while he went to the toilet.

When he came back that was it - I served his purpose see you later - Ha Ha

These guys will never sell anything

WA, 199 posts
9 Jan 2018 7:08PM
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Was that what they were doing? Never would have guessed.

WA, 69 posts
9 Jan 2018 8:53PM
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What really amazes me is that they bitch and moan about how internet sales are killing business. Yet they have customers in their face and then act like complete jerks. Go figure?????
Today's business hint: Customer service promotes word of mouth promotion. The very best advertisement there will ever be.

WA, 129 posts
9 Jan 2018 9:26PM
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Top marks for advertising!!!! I would have been there with bells on if I had know it was on!

WA, 89 posts
10 Jan 2018 5:20PM
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I found the Slingshot guys lovely :) They didn't do any hard selling, just let me try the boards and helped me decide what would work best, I like that :) Loved the boards.

QLD, 1605 posts
10 Jan 2018 7:31PM
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This is surprising.

Josh and the rest of the team on are really top guys. Josh is one of the best guys in the industry. Not sure about the west cost riders but every team rider on the east coast are super friendly people.

Sorry you felt that way.

WA, 44 posts
12 Jan 2018 1:04PM
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Yeah I was at the pond also on the 6th, I too got a frozen reception. The guys were clearly not interested. Pity reall because I was in the market for a new kite too. Won't be considering slingshot any time soon

QLD, 618 posts
12 Jan 2018 4:07PM
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I buy my gear 2nd/3rd hand.


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