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Stationary gopro pole?

Created by DaveDobbin 7 months ago, 12 Jun 2017
SA, 31 posts
12 Jun 2017 10:01AM
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Has anyone put a gopro on a pole/post stuck in the sand, a bit out from the shore line. A stationary position that a kiter could transition, jump etc in front of. Thinking it would have to be brightly colored so could be easily seen. Maybe covered in foam (pool noodle??) Or something ? Dont want to impale anyone. Any constructive thoughts?

QLD, 6 posts
12 Jun 2017 7:30PM
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I cut a length of PVC tubing (approx 1m x 50mm) and cut an angle at the bottom end and a split down at the top. This allowed a floaty handle to fit into the top snuggly.

I tied a coloured foam float on it. I found it moves a little if the water is deeper then 2 foot when you get the chop but it.

I have only used it 3 times at the moment but worked well but I do get concerned about other kiters hitting it when it's busy.


VIC, 81 posts
12 Jun 2017 9:10PM
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Try a paint roller ext handle adjustable height attatch a couple of bright flags to it...
did this years ago at rosey you get some great footage.


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"Stationary gopro pole?" started by DaveDobbin