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Store break in at Action Sports WA

Created by ActionSportsWA A week ago, 10 Jun 2017
10 Jun 2017 9:48PM
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Hi guys,
Some Stupid assholes broke into our store tonight and absconded with the cash drawer, a new Evolve Carbon GT AT, our demo Evolve One board and our demo Evolve Bamboo AT electric skateboards.

They were too stupid to steal the remotes or chargers so please keep an eye out for the above mentioned items. They also took my angle grinder Makita 4".

They also took a Core Section 7m kite and a Core GTS3 7m kite. Both new but without bars or pumps

Cops are on it, Two guys, one with a goatee, glasses and a bit tubby, his friend wore camo pants and trainers and a base ball cap. Both in hoodies. We have some half decent video footage of them which we will post when we get a chance. Police have their images.

Keep your eyes out people. Skate boards without remotes or chargers.

ta, DM


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"Store break in at Action Sports WA" started by ActionSportsWA