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Surf hats Ocean&Earth vs West any preferences?

Created by kiter77 > 9 months ago, 5 Jun 2012
VIC, 273 posts
5 Jun 2012 8:53PM
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Look much the same Ocean Earth has the "Indo flap" looks like it could flap all over the place, need one with a stiff brim at least any preferences ?

Mark _australia
WA, 16835 posts
5 Jun 2012 8:05PM
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I have not used O&E but my West has the nice stiff brim. Used it in 30kn and not even aware it is there. Has never flapped downwards into my field of vision or anything.

Love it

NSW, 602 posts
5 Jun 2012 10:31PM
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Excel do a great one. Chin straps on others can rub real bad during a long session.

poor relative
WA, 8935 posts
5 Jun 2012 8:35PM
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I've had both.
Ocean and earth lasted about 3 years before the stitching gave way and broke.
It was perfect no drama whatsoever
I now have had a west since half way through the summer. It feels the same.
You can't go wrong with a gumby hat better than shades i reckon.

WA, 218 posts
6 Jun 2012 2:56PM
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Pretty much same same Kiter 77.
We have both in stock if you want to compare.
Agree with rellie - none of them look cool but they do the job.

VIC, 1430 posts
6 Jun 2012 5:38PM
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They look much cooler than having half your face, ears, scalp, and eyes chopped off/out due to cancer. I'm a happy hat wearer!


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"Surf hats Ocean&Earth vs West any preferences?" started by kiter77