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To all those newbs, dudes and prosd

Created by 0llie 27 days ago, 31 Jan 2020
NSW, 123 posts
31 Jan 2020 8:15PM
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Went for a sesh down @ 7 mile, wind pumping.....launch ok gave her my usual left/right hard sweeps on the beach getting a feel for the old girl then suddenly line snapped, down she went straight into a low death loop. Lucky was not much power as was centre line, had time to think.... just...out with qr #2. Saved the day

Just heads up to check your gear. I always check pigtails and major components etc wash after every sesh but missed this one. Hey if it saves someones life this year reading this then it was worth writing it ??

WA, 1738 posts
31 Jan 2020 10:55PM
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Setting up today I noticed a tiny fluffy bit, sticking out of a pig tail - caught just in time...

NSW, 285 posts
1 Feb 2020 8:24AM
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On a thorough inspection of rolled out lines, i found 5 knots and 3 nots on each steering line..


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"To all those newbs, dudes and prosd" started by 0llie