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Top 9 Spots for Kitesurfing in Thailand

Created by extremenomads 7 months ago, 6 Jul 2018
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6 Jul 2018 3:26PM
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Hi guys,

We keep trucking in here with our kitesurfing best spots series, and this time it's controversial Thailand that gets some glory!"Thailand's year round warm weather, easy-going breeze, and mellow water conditions make it a really nice place to enjoy some laid-back kiteboarding and is especially good for beginners, free riders, and foilers.

Okay, okay, so it isn't exactly hurricane weather.Truth be told, Thailand's wind is generally quite light- particularly when you hold it up against the blustery gusts in Vietnam and the Philippines.

However, kitesurfing in Thailand can be bloody great when you catch it at the right time.Tack that on to the ridiculously long list of other reasons we love the place (sun, food, affordability, and of course the amazing local people) and you've got yourself a damn good set up."

it's low season right now, which means Indian monsoon blowing up to 25 knots from the west. Yo and Mai are training in Rayong to prepare Mai for the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires. If you come around, don't hesitate to hit them up!

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6 Jul 2018 5:46PM
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What's Bangcock like


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