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Travel setup

Created by reolover 6 months ago, 14 May 2017
NSW, 8 posts
14 May 2017 6:45PM
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Can I get away with just a generic surfboard bag or do I go kite specific $$$ anyone have any good experiences with a good bag?

Looking at taking my north whip (if I can't sell it) and a 8 +12 kite going to indo in sept.

NSW, 33 posts
14 May 2017 9:08PM
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Hey Mate

did a year away just with a 6'3 double board bag ( little creatures)

2 boards & 3 kites ( 2x dsd stallions and 7,9,13 reo)

kept my harness and bar in a backpack, have had no dramas so far, all weighs 22kg

enjoy your trip

WA, 5512 posts
14 May 2017 8:48PM
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A 6 ft 2 in blonde for the no wind days??


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"Travel setup" started by reolover