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Upgrading switch blade

Created by Franny18 A week ago, 10 Nov 2019
SA, 11 posts
10 Nov 2019 9:38PM
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I am looking to upgrade my 2013 Cabrinha switchblade (12m) to a 2019 switchblade.
my 2013 bar is still in good condition. Can I use the same bar with the 2019 kite??

NSW, 5397 posts
10 Nov 2019 10:27PM
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Since 2013 there has been a lot of deforestation, global warming and bush fires that has meant a LOT less trees. So in 2019 you should be right to use a 2019 bar.
Hope this helps.

WA, 136 posts
10 Nov 2019 8:35PM
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Seriously a 2013 bar....put it in a museum.

NSW, 375 posts
11 Nov 2019 7:27AM
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Franny18 said..
I am looking to upgrade my 2013 Cabrinha switchblade (12m) to a 2019 switchblade.
my 2013 bar is still in good condition. Can I use the same bar with the 2019 kite??

Nothing wrong with with the old 2013 cab IDS bar. Some may be turned off by the lack of a single line flagging setup (not a big deal imo) or how annoying the QR was to reset.

Although the kite can fly cabrinha say the new bars (ie 1X system bars 2014 and newer although 2014 had the same sh!tty QR) are backwards compatible and but older bars (2009? - 2013) are not forward compatible.

Bottom line - although the 2013 bar will work (not optimal), recommended that you treat yourself to an upgrade.

QLD, 4462 posts
11 Nov 2019 9:08AM
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2020 bar has options for the QR attachment.
Overdrive is much lighter (if you have it) in later bars.
And ... how old are your lines?

NSW, 245 posts
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11 Nov 2019 12:03PM
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2013 bars don't flag out to a single front line and the 2019 kites have a different bridle system so it wont depower the same when flagged to two front lines... not safe.

QLD, 1257 posts
11 Nov 2019 12:26PM
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That bar wasn't safe in 2013.Even less safe on a newer kite.

QLD, 77 posts
11 Nov 2019 2:12PM
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Yes it will work, but really isn't the safest. I updated my 2010 12m to a 2019 and used the old bar for a few sessions until my new bar arrived. Kite flew ok but tested pulling the safety and it still held a bit of power flagged out on the 2 front lines due to the changed/shorter bridle on the 2019 kite.

SA, 11 posts
12 Nov 2019 7:52AM
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Thanks for the responses all. Looks like I will treat myself to an upgrade.

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12 Nov 2019 8:41AM
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Should check out the drifters too. I was a bit hesitant getting one since I've mostly had switchblades. Less pumping up too. Only 3 struts. Picked up a 2nd hand 1x recoil bar for cheap. Much better with the single flagging line

SA, 733 posts
12 Nov 2019 5:35PM
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Definitely updated your bar.
Christmas is coming

WA, 478 posts
13 Nov 2019 4:01PM
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Probably wrong section..but it said switchblade
i have a for donation super crispy 2010 8m switch with ids for free for someone who loves switchblades..had a few myself.this ones like its been in the cupboard for 7years...but..bladder valves been reglued maybe someone has the same one with a decent LE


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