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Urgent help needed

Created by Rooon 24 days ago, 26 Jun 2019
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26 Jun 2019 10:05AM
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Hi everyone,

I have a flight going from Cairns to Germany tomorrow and can't take my boardbag with me. Does anyone know a company that is going to ship my bag to Germany? It weighs 20kg and is 155cm long. Already asked Australia Post and they don't accept it. Pack and Send quoted me a thousand bucks. Please help me :D

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26 Jun 2019 10:10AM
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Ive flown 2 board bags matching those dimensions at once with me via lufthansa aus to germany. Ive often looked at courier services and could never find any feasible. Or remotely close to the airliners extra baggage/sports baggage rates.

Are you just not wanting to pay the extra baggage fees? Or is there some other issue?

Take a friend with you to airport get to bag checkin second it opens for your flight and try be as nice as you can (dont talk in german its terrifying) maybe they will just charge you something outrageous per kilo but its that or nothing at this stage. If its too high and you cant trim the weight or afford it give bag to your friend to look after while you find a solution.

Only solution i can see would be getting on a backpacker facebook page and finding others heading from cairns to germany willing to take your bag thru for you for a fee

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26 Jun 2019 9:32PM
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Have you heard if Schapelle Corby might be flying that way. Maybe she will take it??


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