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non existent kit

Created by reolover 5 months ago, 16 May 2017
QLD, 485 posts
17 May 2017 6:16AM
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well spotted! no seller score, no proper address, from china, etc... i hope you've alerted ebay to ban, remove, etc
but the other guy... dodgy poor score rating too... both I'd avoid.

NSW, 8 posts
17 May 2017 8:45AM
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The guy selling the reo for just $290 has 100% feedback and good track record.

The guy selling the north kite has no stars and no feedback

Ozone Kites Aus
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17 May 2017 9:46AM
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Yeah Reo guy is fine I reckon, its a 2011 model and kite only with some repairs, seems fair enough. The other is as dodgy as my knee!

WA, 1080 posts
17 May 2017 7:49AM
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Yep, this is one of the oldest scams on eBay, the seller opens an account, sells a high value popular item that doesn't exist and usually tries to get you to pay via Bank Transfer (outside of PayPal). They get the money, close their accounts and you never get your item.

A friend of mine won a ''brand new Iphone 7'' last week on eBay from a guy with 0% feedback. The seller said he didn't have PayPal and wanted a Bank Transfer....I checked the serial number posted in the listing and it turns out it was a FAKE one.

You could also do the same with brand new kites, ask for the serial number and see if it checks out.

The most frustrating bit is eBay won't shut down these auctions even if many users report it. There is basically no way for eBay to prove this is a fake auction, even though it's pretty obvious.

Always pay via PayPal so you get buyer protection, even if you fall for scam like this and pay via PayPal, you'll get a full refund.

BTW this eBay seller has 3 of these kites for sale and guess what, people will bid on them and the scam might actually work


WA, 120 posts
17 May 2017 8:27AM
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Bid like 5 k and just dont pay it ruin the scam

QLD, 998 posts
17 May 2017 9:59PM
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Nonexistent wind here for at least a month
Maybe they should start selling a nice 18knot breeze on eBay


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