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very serious accident phone box cott

Created by bolgo > 9 months ago, 22 Sep 2013
WA, 879 posts
22 Sep 2013 5:33PM
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hi all

very sad event this arvo

please think about kiting in westerlies

thoughts with him

WA, 492 posts
22 Sep 2013 5:44PM
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What happened mate? Hope all is ok.

WA, 2222 posts
22 Sep 2013 6:06PM
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Just drove past looking for waves, thought there must be a kiter in trouble. Couple of police and an ambulance, talking to a couple of guys standing by a kiter looking van.

WA, 879 posts
22 Sep 2013 6:08PM
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tripped fell and got lofted up bank, thru the tree and into bollard

5 doctors on the scene, and there was the very best care one can get on the scene

like most bad accidents a combination of circumstances "line up"

i fortunately survived mine with a crook AC joint only, and have learnt from it

very very unfortunately i don think there will be a happy outcome, but i really hope i am wrong

WA Surf & Foil
WA, 250 posts
22 Sep 2013 6:37PM
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Just had a phone call to say someone was killed, hopefully this is not the case

WA, 306 posts
22 Sep 2013 6:58PM
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Really sad news, I hope the kiter pulls through

VIC, 431 posts
22 Sep 2013 9:38PM
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Sad News. Love go's out to the friends and family involved.

WA, 542 posts
22 Sep 2013 7:52PM
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Sad day. I was chatting with the guy yesterday. I still can't believe it. I hope he'll make it through.

WA, 9 posts
22 Sep 2013 8:00PM
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Hey has anyone got a name for the guy, got a friend who kites at cott quite often and cant get hold if him,

WA, 3271 posts
22 Sep 2013 8:03PM
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I've heard he has passed away, If you know who he is please PM Streety, don't post his name up here yet, if he has passed away it was only a couple of hours ago, his family may not know yet and finding out from the net or Facebook would be horrible.

WA, 147 posts
22 Sep 2013 8:11PM
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RIP very sad day

WA, 116 posts
22 Sep 2013 8:21PM
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not cool.

WA, 43 posts
22 Sep 2013 8:22PM
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RIP our thoughts are with his family and friends

WA, 9278 posts
22 Sep 2013 8:25PM
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Ah bugger. The fronts these past two weeks have been as savage as I can remember this time of year. Thoughts go out to the family.

WA, 4263 posts
22 Sep 2013 8:29PM
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bolgo said..

tripped fell and got lofted up bank, thru the tree and into bollard

That's rotten luck.

Tripping over and falling can make you yank on the control-bar,

which oversteers the kite and sends you into a lofting.

Much sorrow.

WA, 498 posts
22 Sep 2013 8:39PM
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Really bad news. Experienced kiter and always kites cott. Must have happened so quickly. Shows you can never be too quick pulling the safety. Gear is worthless when you're hurt or worse.
Thoughts to his family and friends.

WA, 168 posts
22 Sep 2013 9:05PM
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So sorry to hear this! Thoughts to friends and family at this time.

WA, 492 posts
22 Sep 2013 9:05PM
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Horrible news, my thoughts are with his family.

niall barrett
WA, 248 posts
22 Sep 2013 9:35PM
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I have just had a first hand report from those at the scene.

I don't think I know the guy, late 50s. I had better keep the name quiet til family informed by the proper channels.

It was slightly cross mainly onshore from the NW, blowing 18-35kts. Gusty and unstable air with passing showers

He was on a 9 and a twintip well lit and was pinching upwind at speed along the edge of the sand, gust hit and he ran out of water. He then ended up running on the sand at 15-20 ks, tripped, then somersaulted.

The kite crashed on the beach. one of the guys nearly had hold of it when a gust hit and it took off again. Another one of the guys grabbed him by the legs. He was face down so he couldn't make the safety. Another gust hit and the kite arced up and he was torn from the guys hands. He then got Lofted up through the dunes, then the pine log barrier, that little tree, he snapped a big branch and he ended up on a bollard by the road.

It looked really bad when people got to him, it was already over by then by all accounts . There were a lot of experienced Doctors at the scene, and a full resuscitation effort was made and the ambulance got there quickly, and though every effort was made nothing could be done apparently.

The guys at the scene were pretty shook especially as they got so close to averting the tragedy.

A real tragedy and condolences to his family, friends and relatives.

poor relative
WA, 9084 posts
22 Sep 2013 9:47PM
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I read this with such sorrow.

Such sad sad news, can't quite believe it.
Condolences to the family RIP.

WA, 679 posts
22 Sep 2013 9:49PM
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I was kiting at the same time today as that poor guy. I was on a surfboard just in front of Iso’s and I dropped my kite in the water just where all the weed gathers. I ditched the kite and swam in as best I could through the surf and weed and while trying to get my kite into shore. I see some guy has come in, self landed his kite, runs along the beach and saved my board from the rocks. Then if that’s not enough he wades out and passes me to retrieve my bar and lines from the weed and reef. I thank him hugely on the beach and he said well we have to look out for each other which I agreed.

I get a call from a mate this evening that was on the scene telling me of the incident and it was the guy that helped me so much today. I didn’t know the guy but I am sure he will be sorely missed by many.

WA, 932 posts
22 Sep 2013 9:51PM
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Hi All,

This is some shocking news. My thoughts go out to the kiters friends and family.

The spectre of a serious accident has been very real for a long, long time, and it has never been more likely than in the September westerlies.

There is just no margin for error in Perth Metro westerlies. I used to ride the westerlies not so very long ago but have since given it a miss, it's always choppy like a psycho washing machine, the surf closes out with a thump, there is so little beach space from sand erosion from the storms, and they are as gusty and unpredictable as ever wind could be. In other words, the worst possible conditions for an enjoyable session.

For the tiny amount of gain, it is a massive risk on yourself and your gear. Seabreezes are just around the corner, please seriously consider not doing the westerlies.

It's not a very big community the kitesurfing community, no doubt this accident will have very real impact on most, if not all of us. Sincere condolences to friends and family again and PLEASE, take it easy in the westerlies and maybe just sit them out in Perth meteo beaches. There are plenty of much better places not far from Perth that are really good and not so onshore.

This sport is still an extreme sport when things go wrong.

WA, 16 posts
22 Sep 2013 11:19PM
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Hi guys,
I was one of the docs coordinating the resuscitation.
I have to say that from having been involved in too many of these things over the years every body involved worked as a team. There was a coordinated professional response from the instant the accident arose; from the guys on the beach who tried to save him from getting blown over the dunes right through to the team of paramedics who took him to Charlie's.
If there was a chance for him then I feel that we really did our best.
He was an experienced sailor who was briefly undermined by a tragic combination of unpredictable conditions.
My heart and thoughts go out to his family

Dr Phil

PS If anyone who was involved in the rescue effort needs or wants to have a talk give me a call (94814342).

WA, 49 posts
22 Sep 2013 11:25PM
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A very sad day indeed. Best wishes to all involved.

little o
WA, 405 posts
22 Sep 2013 11:25PM
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WACK girls are all keeping the family and friend in our thoughts. Thank you to those who did their best to help. Please stay safe in winter everyone. Hopefully the wonderful kiting community can come together and support each other as always. If you were involved please find an opportunity to talk to someone about it.
Xx Little o

WA, 467 posts
22 Sep 2013 11:38PM
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ThIs is terrible news to read on a Sunday night.
Condolences to what sounds like an amazing mans' family and friends.
Rest In Peace good sir. Rest in peace...

WA, 8 posts
23 Sep 2013 12:13AM
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He was a very good friend of my and a top guy.I am so sad to hear the news he was always so full of life and loved his friends and kiting .I will miss you mate! You will always be in my thoughts.Rest in peace mate ..

WA, 6 posts
23 Sep 2013 12:32AM
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I was there when that happened and saw him flying over the dune. Great effort from all the doctors, it could not have been better done. He was actually unconscious after hitting the sand and falling from his board. He was riding a 10.5 m and wind was too light to go up wind and stay away from the beach. There was lots of sea weed too, which may be why he fall head first. But it all went so fast it is hard to tell. What happened to him could happen to anyone,, at any level of kitting. Be aware dutchies is a dangerous spot on westerlies. Sorrows for his family and his kitesurfing mates.

WA, 284 posts
23 Sep 2013 12:45AM
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My heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and our brothers who were on the scene trying to help him. This is really tragic news.

I'm sure our friend today was an experienced kiter and this was a shocking line-up of circumstances. I want to take a moment to remind everyone that most accidents happen to inexperienced kiters because their ambition overshadows their judgement. They don't have the experience yet to know how many things there are that go wrong.

I broke my neck in very similar circumstances to our friend - running out of beach in a direct westerly in the lull of a storm and lofted onto the beach upside down. When I recovered I became active in building WAKSA to promote kite safety and build guidelines. The new season is almost here and the first part of it is the most windy. Please look out for people new to our sport and make friends. If they're launching in bad conditions, offer to help them out and encourage them to stand down till a better day. For every individual who doesn't want to be told there is another who will be grateful for the advice.

Please take great care people!!!!!!
Graeme Speak

NSW, 325 posts
23 Sep 2013 2:46AM
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This is horribly sad. Condolences to the family and to the entire West Aussie kiting community these types of accidents take their toll on the entire community. Please if you where involved in the rescue or saw this happen get some counselling to talk to talk it through. Post traumatic stress is a very real thing!!!!!

WA, 1863 posts
23 Sep 2013 12:53AM
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My Condolences to family and friends also..
It was very sad to be there and yes absolutely everything that could have possibly been done - was done.

In Maori Legends it is known that sometimes a special bird appears nearing the time of passing, as a messenger and a guide...
Out of nowhere I believe a spirit bird appeared - hovering patiently in serene flight, barely moving for ages 'just' above the team doing their best...
A little prayer offered in my own way... Rest in Peace bro.


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