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F-One 2106 Acid 133cm forgotten at St Kilda

Created by hebbo > 9 months ago, 23 Nov 2016
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23 Nov 2016 9:45PM
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<div class="_1mf _1mj" data-offset-key="6sskt-0-0">Hi there.

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<div class="_1mf _1mj" data-offset-key="57af8-0-0">I forgot a board at St Kilda beach last Saturday 19th Nov.

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<div class="_1mf _1mj" data-offset-key="5vfod-0-0">Left the beach at around 7pm and probably left the board somewhere near the KR trailer. Don't ask me how/why I only realised today! o_Ô

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<div class="_1mf _1mj" data-offset-key="beavc-0-0">It's a F-One 2016 133cm along the lines of the pic. Any info welcome! Cheers
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"F-One 2106 Acid 133cm forgotten at St Kilda" started by hebbo