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FOUND Shinn Twintip 132

Created by jimbobell > 9 months ago, 14 Nov 2016
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14 Nov 2016 9:27PM
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Found at Woodies Beach 1 on 5th Nov. Nobody replied to my last post so trying one more time just in case you didn't notice it was gone for a while ;)

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17 Nov 2016 8:36PM
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what a sweet find
it's not mine, I just kinda want it.....but not really

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22 Nov 2016 3:46PM
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Hi Jimbo, I think that is ours! Haven't seen it in a couple weeks, thought one of the guys had it, turns out no one knows where it is.

Stars and a monkey on the bottom with white straps on top? I have beer to swap! Let us know


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"FOUND Shinn Twintip 132" started by jimbobell