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Found: Blue Nobile Twinny Floreat

Created by theWaterBoy > 9 months ago, 15 Jan 2015
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15 Jan 2015 8:41PM
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If you had a long body drag back this evening, don't fret as Goose and the Captain rescued your board. Unfortunately, the cobra then struck and the dumb pr1cks ended up with their kites twisted together.

Don't know what they were doing at the time to be so close, maybe a pash in the water.

Anyway, they found your board heading to Madagascar and took it to shore and left it on the beach North of car park #16.

You know who you are, but in case you forgot it is a blue and timber deck with fluro orange fins.


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"Found: Blue Nobile Twinny Floreat" started by theWaterBoy