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Lost Blue Nth Twin Kite Board Melville Beach 15/2

Created by G28off > 9 months ago, 19 Feb 2015
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19 Feb 2015 1:02PM
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This is my updated reminder with a photo. My Board is a X- Ride 138cm/41 cm. $100 Reward Offered, MB: 0411038423. I have had plenty of support stating the board will be handed in, so please keep the kite surfing fraternity script intact of looking after each other. You can also hand the board back to any of the Soul Kite Instructors. Numbers 1215 are the last four numbers of the serial number located near the middle hand grip.
Cheers Geoff.


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"Lost Blue Nth Twin Kite Board Melville Beach 15/2" started by G28off