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Lost: STOLEN North Mallory Pro @St Kilda Beach VIC

Created by Kitefish > 9 months ago, 25 Dec 2014
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25 Dec 2014 9:19PM
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Hi guys,

Big favour to ask: Please keep an eye out for my STOLEN kiteboard!

My kiteboard was stolen from St Kilda Beach today, on CHRISTMAS DAY at around 4pm. I lost it out in the surf, and when I finally got to where it washed up, a nice family informed me they had just seen a "big fat guy" and a female accomplice picking up my board, running to their car and speeding off minutes earlier. Reportedly these people "looked like something was wrong with them...other than being thieves!"

It is a North Mallory Pro 2009 - it's either 137 or 138cm (I forget exactly). Mostly black and white with lots of coloured stripes, and red fins. Much more colourful on the bottom. Just like this one ->

It also had my GoPro Hero 3+ on it. I guess I won't see that again, but I am hoping I might at least get my board back.
On the left of the board, is a white GoPro surfboard mount and white, round lanyard mount. On the right is another GoPro mount and another white lanyard mount (not depicted in my photo below, which is a little bit old).

It may or may not still have my white transformer sticker on the left, and (probably not) my name and number stickers.

Photos are attached.

If you someone trying to sell my board or come across it, please get in touch:

0434 279 490

Cheers and Merry Christmas,


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"Lost: STOLEN North Mallory Pro @St Kilda Beach VIC" started by Kitefish