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Gerroa to S Heads Downwinder tomorrow Feb 8

Created by kitebt 9 months ago, 7 Feb 2018
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7 Feb 2018 12:20PM
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Anyone from the Shoalhaven area thinking of doing a downwinder tomorrow at 7mile. I am keen to come down from the Central Coast with a buddy and would prefer to bring one car instead of 2 if we can tag along with anyone doing the run. Can you please PM me if you are up for it.

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8 Feb 2018 7:09AM
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Hi guys, its gonna blow today..thurs..7 mile never lets yu down in summer.. We've been there 15 times this summer at Berry beach ..great carpark..clean cross onshore..always 20 nots plus...geroa is a craphole for wind...I have only seen Terry with white beard from kiama and Nic and his mate from gerrigong do downwinders this season..the towradgi crew had the session of summer there yesterday..22 plus nots... 4 to 5 foot surf...cleanest noreast of season...VIT from botany did a solo dwinder on a twinny..he spent more time in the air than on twinny rider on eastcoast...we should be at berry today..if my driver can back up

Capt Loopy
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8 Feb 2018 9:26AM
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Hey mate will be kitting Berry beach today. I can pick you up from the heads and drop you back at Gerroa if ya keen. I've got a ute so one of us will have to get in the back with the gear

Let me know 0467540191

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8 Feb 2018 4:57PM
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Missed out on gerroa today. Sets where good at times y'day,wind was the usual trick


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"Gerroa to S Heads Downwinder tomorrow Feb 8" started by kitebt