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Kite buddy

Created by Joaquin > 9 months ago, 6 Oct 2017
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6 Oct 2017 1:51PM
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I'm a guy in my 30's planning to start going to Botany Bay, probably around Brighton to start practicing after a few years of being inactive.
I've got a pretty basic level, but sick of seeing my gear covered in dust. Wanna know if there are people around interested in practicing together or so?

Drop me a line!
Cheers :)

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7 Oct 2017 12:45PM
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I go to Brighton normally during the weekend (sat or sun depending on wind of course).
I'm beginner too and I do practice there. Let me know and we can organize together.

cheers, Alberto

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14 Oct 2017 3:48PM
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Hi Alberto,

Kiting 7 days a week now, more than happy to assist

Squirrel 0428 886 405

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16 Oct 2017 2:33PM
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Hey, just moved to Sydney and looking to get my 11m out in botany.. Where are you launching from and what time?

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17 Oct 2017 10:44AM
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did u get out?

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7 Nov 2017 1:08PM
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Check out the S.U.C. K page on Facebook. It's a good place for fellow kiters in Sydney.

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7 Nov 2017 7:31PM
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I'am also looking for someone to practice kitesurf and have some beers after.

I have just moved to Sydney and I think my skills are situated between begginer and intermediate.

My phone number is 0437587771


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17 Nov 2017 12:01AM
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Keen to come down for a weekend kite/beer sesh in Sydney, u guys out this weekend? 042400303five


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