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Northern Beaches Sydney for kite surfing

Created by Feeligs 5 months ago, 17 Nov 2018
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17 Nov 2018 12:59PM
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Hey Kitesurf Friends,

I am planning a visit to Sydney from 14. dec....31 dec. I mainly like strapless kiting in the waves but will probably also bring a twintip with me.

what would be the best spot to go around sydney. also what is the water temperature and the expected wind range ( what kites to bring)

help is very much appreciated!

Felix from Singapore

NSW, 413 posts
18 Nov 2018 8:08PM
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Best spot: Longreef ie: Bottom end of Colloroy Beach or top end of Dee Why beach, depending on wind direction.

Water temp at that time: 20-22C. Bring a spring suit.

Wind range: 15-30 knots. If you bring a 9 & a 12 you will be covered for most days (assuming you're an average sized man) Bring a 15/17 if you want to be out while everyone else is on the beach waiting for it to pick up.


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"Northern Beaches Sydney for kite surfing" started by Feeligs