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ATB or BTB. What are the pros and cons of each....

Created by Treth 9 months ago, 11 Jan 2017
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11 Jan 2017 3:48PM
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Relative newbie....Looking at all the cool toys to buy... I aim to do get out on a surfboard when my twin tip skills have improved.... What sort of bar should I be looking at.... Prob to go with Naish Pivot ( yet to be purchased)... They have the choice of either.... But no explanation of the differences...

WA, 5421 posts
11 Jan 2017 7:52PM
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Ride an atb
Ride a btb
Btb is knob unless you don't have arms

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12 Jan 2017 5:19PM
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Sorry... Not sure I get what you mean....
someone out there must be able to explain the advantages of above the bar Vs below the bar trim / depower...and hopefully give me a clue on which one to buy.!!!!

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12 Jan 2017 6:35PM
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BTB advantages:

Trim line always in reach.
Longest amount of theoretical bar throw available
Naish specific: suicide mode depowers the kite in event of a release (this is really good for freestyle)
Less bits to get caught up whilst wrapping the lines (Naish T adjusters on their older bar tangle easily)
Potentially lighter system

BTB disadvantages:
Trim is difficult to adjust whilst riding
Many systems slip and are difficult to adjust by small amounts
Swivel is high on the lines and is difficult/impossible to get it to work if it isn't

ATB Advantages:
Trim is easy to do on the water on the go
Higher level of trim potentially available (assuming adjustable cleat e.g. Best/North/Switch) which can help stance
Swivel tends to be at the QR which is gives a more reliable untwist.
Easy to make micro adjustments to the trim

Probably more points but these are the usual ones. I prefer ATB. Except for the old Naish one (webbing strap version). That was rubbish. All the worst of both systems in one. Yuck. The new ones look alright.

Or....... get click bar?


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"ATB or BTB. What are the pros and cons of each...." started by Treth