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Impact vests

Created by Muddyisland > 9 months ago, 15 Nov 2017
QLD, 11 posts
15 Nov 2017 3:28PM
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Which Impact Vests are the best and what should I look for?

NSW, 199 posts
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15 Nov 2017 4:51PM
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Hey mate, what are you looking for? More impact protection or more floatation?

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15 Nov 2017 4:15PM
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I have the mystic block vest. It's great extra floatation if required. Haven't needed the extra landing protection as my jumps aren't that high but it's bulkiness feels like good protection if needed.

Fly on da wall
VIC, 601 posts
15 Nov 2017 7:30PM
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Natural one's! They go with boardie's over your steamer in summer in FNQ!

What happened to kiting being an extreme sport not a extremely soft kook sport?

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26 Dec 2017 1:05PM
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Yes, I agree with KiteAddicted these mystic block vest are really good ones.

QLD, 138 posts
4 Jan 2018 3:44PM
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Powered tt sess today, out of shape landing arm out side rib smash but no impact on bod... 2018 manera vest new foam sucked it up! sooo comfortable and protective, rated

NSW, 123 posts
4 Jan 2018 4:50PM
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Forward WIP do double duty as an impact vest and PFD. They also don't ride up and are light and comfortable even when wet. Addd bonus are front and rear pockets. Had mine for a couple of years and it gets a pounding kiting and sailing.


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"Impact vests" started by Muddyisland