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Looking for a beginner board...

Created by mccarthysean23 9 months ago, 17 Feb 2017
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17 Feb 2017 12:17PM
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Looking to get into kitesurfing after a couple of lessons, not sure on what size of board to buy as i weight 100kg and am approx 6ft1 and looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help.

WA, 5527 posts
17 Feb 2017 9:49PM
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General winds. Kites inc sizes and water conditions
will helpp

VIC, 941 posts
19 Feb 2017 2:43PM
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Anything around 145cm will get you sorted

QLD, 105 posts
20 Feb 2017 10:07AM
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dont be fooled by board sizes. the boards have evolved much more in style than pure size. you can get a 140cm board that rides easier and starts easier than a 155cm board. Particularlly if it's a wide board.


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"Looking for a beginner board..." started by mccarthysean23