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Woody Point any good?

Created by Scottyk0887 > 9 months ago, 17 May 2013
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17 May 2013 7:43PM
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Is Woody point any good for beginners in westerly winds at high tide? Just getting started and want to keep kiting as often as possible.

I heard that there is a spot at Bribie but by the time I get home during the week that is a bit far to go.

QLD, 121 posts
25 May 2013 10:46PM
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Ah, no.
Rocks and shells everywhere, you'll cut yourself or your gear most likely. Westerlies are probably not good for beginners, as they're usually gusty and can change strength (up or down) in a pretty short time, leaving you overpowered or stranded.
Should tell you something when no kite shops will demo gear there!


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"Woody Point any good?" started by Scottyk0887