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light wind surfboard

Created by iLog 2 months ago, 10 Aug 2018
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10 Aug 2018 1:32AM
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I wanna start with the directional and I am fairly new to kiteboarding.
mostly I want to catch light wind days and some small /medium waves.
I have a 12 m core xr4 and I'm planning to buy a 8m kite.

I have been offered a 2018 north wam 5'10 lightly used for 450 usd.

I think its a good price for the board but my concern is that its too small for my weight.(100kg)
Is it possible to learn on this size board or should I go bigger size ?

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10 Aug 2018 7:48AM
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I wouldn't consider a wam a lightwind board. I'd be looking out for a Firewire Evo/Vanguard, Naish Skater, North Nugget or something like that. These plane early and are fun in small waves.

WA, 1 posts
14 Aug 2018 1:44PM
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I've been riding a 2016 5'10" wam for about a year now and while there is no such thing as a perfect board the wam is pretty good in light winds and you won't need another board as you progress to more frightening days. Need to take into account that i'm only 74kg.

NSW, 228 posts
17 Aug 2018 7:54AM
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Checkout ECS McKee Jackrabbit, carbon bamboo, I'm 100kg, I got 5'9" 38ltr for $500 new, pretty happy with it in light wind so far.

NSW, 35 posts
20 Sep 2018 9:17PM
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For light wind go for a vanguard style board. I have a sunova vanguard style at 29 litres and 21 litres. The 21 litres is good in above 16 knots with a 10 metre Reo and I can probably do 12knots with the 29 litres and I am 80kg. I get very little use out of the 29 litre as once there are white caps the smaller board is fine. The vanguard style also allows you to get more weight forward and when I first got one I could not believe how good it went upwind. I see a lot of kiters on traditional surfboards tend to have the nose sticking up and tail dragging.

NSW, 950 posts
22 Sep 2018 6:50AM
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I am 100kg, and unfortunately this will make the sport way expensive for you. Typical big guy quiver is 17, 14, 12, 10, 8.

A 12m LEI kite is generally too small for 100kg and light wind. If you are obsessed with getting out, buy yourself a 17m (zephyr, fat lady, etc).

Get the North Nugget. Either version will work well or anything that is 20+ inches wide with very little rocker.

I had both Nuggets and standard 22 inch fish style surf board. They all do the job well.

I do not buy any surfboards under 19 inches (anymore!!!).

Assuming you are still a fanatical lunatic about the sport in 12 months, go and buy a surf style foil and your 12m will probably be your light wind kite, your 17 will be ultra light wind.... ??


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