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light wind surfboard

Created by iLog Friday, 10 Aug 2018
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Friday , 10 Aug 2018 1:32AM
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I wanna start with the directional and I am fairly new to kiteboarding.
mostly I want to catch light wind days and some small /medium waves.
I have a 12 m core xr4 and I'm planning to buy a 8m kite.

I have been offered a 2018 north wam 5'10 lightly used for 450 usd.

I think its a good price for the board but my concern is that its too small for my weight.(100kg)
Is it possible to learn on this size board or should I go bigger size ?

WA, 7 posts
Friday , 10 Aug 2018 7:48AM
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I wouldn't consider a wam a lightwind board. I'd be looking out for a Firewire Evo/Vanguard, Naish Skater, North Nugget or something like that. These plane early and are fun in small waves.

WA, 1 posts
Tuesday , 14 Aug 2018 1:44PM
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I've been riding a 2016 5'10" wam for about a year now and while there is no such thing as a perfect board the wam is pretty good in light winds and you won't need another board as you progress to more frightening days. Need to take into account that i'm only 74kg.


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