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14m Enduro?

Created by Macster 3 months ago, 20 Jan 2019
VIC, 239 posts
20 Jan 2019 8:11PM
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Love my 10m Enduro, was thinking of getting a 14m as a light wind kite. Bit hesitant buying untested, no demo around.

I find 14m sizes in any non light wind dedicated kite can be disappointing e.g. Bandit, Switchblade. I was impressed with the Evo in the 14m though. Anyway, has anyone tried the 14m? Does it have the same characteristics just slower, or is it dog?

Thanks in advance.

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22 Jan 2019 10:53AM
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I'm wondering the same thing. Someone must have one or they wouldn't sell them.

QLD, 549 posts
22 Jan 2019 8:47PM
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My 14M C4 is great , the wind has been so light in my area .This kite gets me out ,having fun and doesn't feel massive . Love it

NSW, 244 posts
22 Jan 2019 10:59PM
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I love my 14m enduro v1

Can't compare it to the 10 enduro as my 10 is a reo, which obviously is much quicker...

But, compared to my 12m enduro its pretty much the same, just a fraction slower and heavier.
The 14 is a great kite. On flat water it does everthing you need it too with ease. Only time I feel its size is in the surf in cross shore wind. But its rare that I use it for this, so its not an issue. I have reos for that.

For me, 14 is the perfect "big kite" size, much more fun than a 17, but still big enough for the lighter days. I am often out on it when others are on foils or 17s.
I'd say if you like your 10, you'll like the 14m.... Same kite just bigger

VIC, 239 posts
25 Jan 2019 8:48PM
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Thanks. What size bar and length lines? What wind range you getting?

WA, 17 posts
27 Jan 2019 1:15PM
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I had the 14m V1 as a light wind kite and liked it. 55cm bar, 25m lines. Fun on a surfboard or twintip. It was slowish as a 14m would be, but got me going in about 15 to 18knots (115kg). I've since dropped a few kegs and downsized to a 12m reo (same wind range) for mainly surf as it turns a bit faster. Haven't tried the V2.

Ozone Kites Aus
NSW, 750 posts
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28 Jan 2019 12:48PM
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I've had the 14M Cat in 2015, which then became the 14M Enduro V1 and now I have the Enduro V2 14M. Definitely not a dog kite at all. Yes it is slower flying than the 12m or smaller sizes thats to be expected, but it is actually a very useful kite for me and I do use it for kiting in waves on a surfboard and sometimes a large TT.
Sold my V1 locally and the guy that owns it, also about 70-75 kg loves it and uses it a lot up here, his next size down is a 10 Reo.
Definitely use the 55cm bar although it can be flown on a 50.

The front bridle still has the 3 setting all Enduro kites have, which is freestyle/freeride/waveride, and I mostly use mine in the waves setting as this gives it the tightest turn radius and a shorter depower range, but to milk absolute bottom end out of it I switch to the freestyle setting. Rear lines are set on the fastest turning tab (just my preference), regardless of the front bridle setting.

NSW, 81 posts
4 Feb 2019 12:43PM
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I had an 8m and 10m Enduro V2 and was dwelling on this for ages getting a 14m. I ended up going with the 12m instead to keep a tight quiver, maybe will add a zephyr or hyperlink later.
If you have a 7m, then maybe a 7/10/14 is a good spread.


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