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2009 Caution Zombie12m

Created by chalmers > 9 months ago, 16 Dec 2008
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16 Dec 2008 1:07PM
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Rider: 77kg, Advanced
Style: Wake, Freestyle
Weather: 15 to 18 knots
Build Quality: 10/10
Satisfaction: 7/10
Disclosure: work at a shop/team rider

My Comments:
Awesome kite, straight out of the bag its great fun to fly. A little more stable then the 08 Mayhem and little slower - can be expected from a kite that is a lower aspect. Tune it up to get a bit more quickness out of it. The kite feels like a beginner to intermediate kite but with loads of potential.

No fuss bar means its simple and easy to rig up with 4 lines to a very short LE bridle. Good hearty feeling on the bar without being overly heavy. Light enough to fly single handed but heavy enough to feel what the kite is doing. Safety is quick and effective, with adjustable 'touchiness' on QR. Although the throw is not huge, power can be washed out within a few inches movement on the bar.

Re-launch is simple and quick. The kite behaves itself perfectly, always remaining right where you put it, no punching forward or luffing back and entirely predictable. Being of a lower aspect it likes to pull downwind, but upwind ability is by no means lost.

Good Points:
- Easy to use
- Simple Bar
- Good all round free ride feeling
- 4 Line & Single pump

Bad Points:
- A bit slower on factory settings

All in all a good solid well built kite. Great fun to fly because it does exactly what you want it to do, the power is there when needed but not always on (once your moving it tends to build) so great for beginners through to intermediate riders.


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