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2009 Caution Zombie

Created by BrisKites > 9 months ago, 2 Oct 2008
QLD, 1240 posts
2 Oct 2008 8:50AM
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The 2009 ZOMBIE is the latest in Free-ride SLE design from Caution! This past year the design team set out to build an incredibly stable wing, with smooth and precise handling characteristics aimed to get intermiate and entry level riders on the water and maximize their riding time.

The 2009 ZOMBIE offers unparraleled stability with quick and easy water relaunch. Each kite size has been dialed for expansive range, ballanced bar pressure and smooth flying characteristics. The ZOMBIE comes with CAUTION's acclaimed control system, offering functional simplicity, and a maintenance free trim loop.

The 2009 ZOMBIE is built with Caution's integrated Single Turbo Inflation System, unique bombproof seam construction, and Caution's proven quick-release.

Features and Bene#64257;ts:
• New shape and profile designed for stability and smooth handling
• Caution’s proven Single Turbo In#64258; ation System with 5 strut design
• Expansive wind range and largest projected area
• Swift Turning Characteristics with multiple attachment points to control turning speed
• Shorter bridles allow easier rigging and eliminate pre-flight tangles
• Safest style kite in the industry
• Exclusive Flex Strut Union for durability and ultimate performance

Control bar:
• Precise steering characteristics
• Adjustable Bar pressure (ranging from low to #64257; xed pressure)
• Variable bar throw with on-the-fly adjustable stopper balls
• User friendly 4 line bar: no Pulleys or needless clutter
• Ergonomic Carbon Bar prevents hand fatigue
• Spinning safety leash suitable for beginner through expert riders
• Quick-Fire Safety Release with newly contoured grab handle
• Trim loop designed with unhooked riders in mind
• 24 meter Dynema color coded premium flying lines

Durability and materials:
• Quality materials from industry leaders such as Ronstan, Teijin, DP and Cousins
• Caution’s quality bullet proof construction
• Glued and triple stitched seams
• Double ply trailing edge
• Low stretch panel layout
• Unique Speed Struts

Kites come complete with:
• Caution’s premier high performance Carbon 4 line bar
• Largest aluminum shafted pump in the industry
• Back pack carrying bag

Some initial thoughts from those who have tried it-

RPskater- I tried the 12m Zombie last week. I have a habit of dropping my kite when trying unhooked freestyle tricks, so it was suggested to me to try the Zombie for more stability. I've only used it once so far and can only compare it to my 06 Answer. The Zombie does turn fast and worked fine for an F-16. What really impressed me was the way the Zombie road unhooked. I don't have the dangle pass down very well so when I would try it I would fall from the sky face down. Normally my kite would crash into the water. The Zombie however stayed in the air long enough for me to pull my bar in from my leash and ride away unhooked. I also noticed that the wig tips were beefier in the leading edge part so the kite would not bow or flex outward when unhooking. The kite would keep its structure much more thus not stalling backwards if I pulled too hard on the back lines. I really need to have another day on it to try other moves. So far I really like it!

sckitesurfing - I have had access to a Zombie quiver for a couple weeks and I have been teaching with the 6M and 9M, and I had an awesome light wind sessions in shoulder high waves on the 12M last night. I know the kites are super stable because I have watched students put both the 6M and 9M in perfect hindenberg scenarios, and the kite rocks back and floats back into the wind window like a champ. In general, and especially for teaching I'm a big fan of its four line simplicity, and it's tight steering characteristics and quick response. This kite feels like the kind of kite a guy can pickup at the beginning and it will serve him well through the beginner and intermediate stages, yet as an experienced kiter, I can jump on them an have an awesome time with unhooked riding and in the waves. As far as bar pressure, the 9M and the 12M don't seem to have too much bar pressure at the factory settings. The Zombie has a little less bar pressure than the 2008 mayhem, both being right in the middle, which is what I tend to like, a little but not too much. Overall I think it's a solid freeride kite and so far they seem to be working really well for my school.

Reviewer: S Furphy
21/09/2008 03:51pm
The Zombie 9m is incredibly stable in 30knots, allowing you to pull off your tricks and jumps with ease. The kite generates more then enough power to please the fussiest rider. It has medium bar pressure and you are comfortable in knowing exactly what the kite is doing and where it is, without even looking at it. I found the relaunching to be very simple and hassle free. Although not the highest jumping kite i have used, but still gives you plenty of air when you want it to. A very good kite in my opinion for beginners through to experienced kiters.

TAS, 778 posts
2 Oct 2008 9:11PM
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That last photo shows how the pulley doesn't pull square on the bridle line.

Won't that wear the line, jam the pulley and result in a kitemare?

QLD, 1240 posts
2 Oct 2008 9:18PM
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Most kites with that problem tend to show up early but it doesnt happen to all kites that connect this way.

It is the rear line on this one so there is minimal pressure on the pulley. It can also be removed and the rear line connected directly to the kite.

TAS, 778 posts
2 Oct 2008 9:25PM
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NSW, 1000 posts
2 Oct 2008 9:51PM
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Looks like there's a pulley on the front too? Same larkshead connection?

I thought all major players would have picked up on the misaligned pulley thing by now. Give me no pulleys any day.

QLD, 1240 posts
3 Oct 2008 7:27AM
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Personally I'd prefer pulleys than a kite with masses of bridle and no pulleys


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