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2010 Underground Pohutu Surfboard 5'8 or 6'2

Created by gravity > 9 months ago, 27 Nov 2009
WA, 6 posts
27 Nov 2009 10:49AM
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Has anyone tried the Underground Pohutu yet? Especially the guys at Mambo - I was told that Adrian from Underground was bringing a 5'8....

Would love to hear what it is like....

Rider: Weight,Level (beginner,intermediate,advanced)
Style: Freeriding, Surf, Wake, Freestyle
Weather: ?-? knots
Build Quality: ?/10
Satisfaction: ?/10
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Rhys McClintock
NSW, 995 posts
1 Dec 2009 10:05AM
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Didn't get a chance to ride it as the swell was dismal - but I got to look and touch and learn about some of the features...

It's super light, with a styrofoam core and a 2mm wood shell over the whole deck and underside. Plenty of insert options so those picky ones can get their stance just right. Adrian had one there that was done in clearcoat so you could see the wood and inserts underneith and it looked amazing...

The rails are going to work really well, plenty of volume and a sharp tail section - like the freewaves but with round rails up front...

New (much better) fins this year - glass instead of black plastic, still with the future box. Almost exactly the same as Slingshot fins this year - Same size on all 3 (where as the Slingy's have a smaller trailing fin) and really stiff and snappy :) These are going to work well, but the future box allows for as much customisation as you'd like...

I can't wait to get one as my paddle in board... Looks insane

SA, 1390 posts
1 Dec 2009 10:37AM
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You got any pics, they sound similar to the fone bambo, or firewire make a similar board. Its good news that they are starting to make kite surf boards a bit lighter, some models from companys like best are as heavy as a brick. Post some pics when you get some.

Rhys McClintock
NSW, 995 posts
2 Dec 2009 10:05AM
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No pics - Doubt I'll be able to get any now too as Adrian's back in NZ with it...

This board isn't made from bamboo - it's NZ paulownia, the same stuff used in the twintips from UG/Cab/Slingshot etc...

The new firewire boards look amazing with the wooden rails - Tobes was kiting on one Monday arvo...

NSW, 1000 posts
2 Dec 2009 11:03AM
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The Pohutu that Adrian had was a pretty special looking surfboard. I think they plan to sell them painted white, pity, the wood one looked choice as.
I didn't get any pics either, should have grabbed it from UG team rider Patrick and taken it for a spin.
I think Rhys is right, the construction is EPS core with 2mm Paulownia under glass.
That Firewire I was riding is just a normal 6'1" Flexfire, not one of the new kite specific ones. The Balsa rails on the Firewire will soak up salt water if the board is damaged, whereas the Paulownia doesn't. +1 for Paulownia
You were smashing it Rhys!
Hey Adrian, got any pictures for us?


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