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2010 Underground Styx 135

Created by bigmark100 > 9 months ago, 17 Feb 2010
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17 Feb 2010 2:40PM
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Rider: Weight 85kg, intermediate
Style: Freeriding, Freestyle
Weather: 20-30 knots
Build Quality: 9/10
Satisfaction: 9/10
Disclosure: nil

I really loved my 2007 Nobile 555 135 and when it needed to be replaced , and the only thing I wanted to improve was the pop. Because I ride mostly in waves (on northern beaches) , I needed something that would soak up the chop, but also provide better pop, and handle landings from big jumps, without too much stress on my knees.

I broke down my selection to 3 boards.

136 Slingshot mistfit
135 Nobile T5
135 Underground Styx.

It was frustrating finding any info on the above, apart fron the Nobile. The Nobile was not available to demo.

So I tried and really liked the Misfit, but felt it was heavy, and did not handle the chop as well as my Nobile 555. The foot pads felt a bit creepy as they suck onto your feet, but after I got used to it - I really liked them.

The rocker on the T5 and the Styx looked the same, so landings from jumps would be similar, but the flex on the Styx seemed a little stiffer which would give deliver the pop I was after.I demo'd the styx 132 and immediately felt comfotable, so I bought the 135.

Had my first ride on it yesterday for a few hours and am delighted with my purchase. It performed very well in some seriously ugly conditions. When comparing it to the 555, I felt like I had much more control of the board in the water, I could carve and turn much sharper... this board has fantastic grip (it has some rails that run down the board that provide this). I felt much more confident riding down waves, as the board felt extremely stable and would not slip out from me .
Water was too rough to test out the pop as much as I would have liked but I got some decent jumps and comfy landings out of it.

Its hard to comment on construction as Ive not used the board long enough to say it will last the test of time. But it sure looks and feels solid.

The board is also super light. Feels like a feather compared to misfit and nobile.
Im not sure how this effects me in the air, but it feels better to manover around. And will be good for travel.

I'm still undecided about the footpads, they look cheap, but feel ok. Not as comfy as the nobile.. but it might just be that they need some getting used to.
Underground claims to have put some time into redesigning their hardware.... again, time will tell I suppose. Im happy with them and will not be changing them.

Overall an really delighted with this new board. I cant wait to get out and test it some more.

I think the colour scheme could be better..... a white board is very easy to lose in white water. so Ive given satisfaction 9/10.

I'll try to update this as I get more use out of the board.


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17 Feb 2010 9:50PM
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Thanks Mark, I placed a posting a few weeks back asking if anyone had compared the Styx to the FLX, unfortunately I got no responses. Luckily after emailing Steve from Kitepower I got some good feedback.

I have since also purchased the 135 Styx and absolutely love it. compared to the FLX of the same size it has slightly more rocker but is stiffer between the feet with the flex being more at the ends. The end result is the board soaks up the chop without being a dog. This board has replaced two older boards, 1 light wind and 1 high wind. As far as pop, I dont think I have ever jumped as big or as easliy as with this board!!

I have had the Styx out with my 13m, 10m and 8m in conditions ranging from 12knts to 30knts and have never felt that the board was too big or too small.



(Stats much the same as you but a little lighter at 80kg, weather 12-30 knots)


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