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2011 North Whip 5'7 v airush 5'10 quad

Created by truster > 9 months ago, 15 Aug 2011
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15 Aug 2011 10:44PM
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Any experience with these two boards?

the walks
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16 Aug 2011 5:42PM
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had a 2011 naish global 6.0ft quad, nice board for perth metro, then i tried the 2011 5.7 whip
sold the naish and got a whip, fantastic board for perth imo.
the obvious needs to be addressed, weight, height, rider sytle and abilty, location, etc, etc.....

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18 Aug 2011 4:38PM
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Hey I like the Whip, rode the 2012 model a few months ago and really rated it. Seemed like a good beachie/fun board and did all that was described in the catalogue. I have ridden the Naish Global, North WAM, Cabrinha S-Quad amongst others some Ok some not so, but I though enough of the Whip to stock some this year.

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18 Aug 2011 10:23PM
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Hi Truster

I think I may have tried very similar to these so I'll share what I know. I've ridden a recent Airush quad proto and recent version of the Whip. Both were really fun in light, small Perth beachies. They were very early planing boards and super maneuverable even with the extra width in the tail. The main difference that I noticed when riding was the Airush seemed lighter and more lively whereas the Whip seemed to slice through the water giving quite a smooth ride. I remember the Whip tended to stay underfoot quite well when wave riding the foamball strapless and know that they also handle the bigger conditions. I've really enjoyed riding boards from both of these brands and currently have a 5'7" Whip on order through AKS


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1 Sep 2011 8:23PM
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Also have a look at the 2011 WAM (if you can find one ).

Anyone know what changes have been made to the Whip for 2012??

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1 Sep 2011 6:28PM
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toppleover said...

Anyone know what changes have been made to the Whip for 2012??

Hey Toppleover,

Apart from the sizing changes, not too sure much would have changed, most likely just tweaks. The Whip was so good in 2011, no need to mess with it too much in fear of losing what it had last season.

New Sizes are 5' 4", 5' 6" and 5' 8".



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