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2011 Underground Kipuna

Created by loverboy > 9 months ago, 1 Dec 2010
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1 Dec 2010 10:23AM
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Rider: 100kg, intermediate
Style: Surf
Weather: 20-25 knots, smallish swell
Build Quality: 10/10
Satisfaction: 10/10
Disclosure: I am a tiger

My Comments: I commonly ride a skimboard in medium surf- I find for me it has been the most fun but after riding the 5"8 Kipuna- I want one !

The flex in the board made pops off waves easy and bigger than were previously achievable for me and the extra rocker allowed me to drop down wave faces without catching a nose.

I have never been able to jibe but found I managed 4 clean jibes on this board instantly.

A versatile and super fun board that will be added to my bag soon....

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1 Dec 2010 3:22PM
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Hello everyone,
Kipuna 2011 is very similar to the 2010..
Few changes in the rails and new graphic!
I love this board very very much.
Is the only board I use since 2005 (when they first appear in the market name Free Wave) in Sanur where the waves are mostly on shore and quite choppy!
They also don't mind to be taken in bigger stuff...
I found that the way you can carve a bottom turn with one of this board is unmatched from any other surf style board. Of course you loose a bit of surfability on the face od the wave as very little volume.
Here 2 pics using the 2011 Kipuna 5'8

in decent waves.
Bye Jankie


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