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2012 Griffin Argo 11.5m - recommend?

Created by MickDavie > 9 months ago, 18 Dec 2014
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18 Dec 2014 8:09AM
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Hi, I'm considering purchasing a second-hand 2012 Griffin Argo 11.5. It seems to be in good nick and the price is decent. I'm relatively new to kiting and am looking for an easy-to-fly reliable kite that's easy to relaunch. I kite in the Byron Bay / Lennox area and weigh 65-68kg. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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18 Dec 2014 9:18AM
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probably a bit big for solid winds at your weight. can you check what other guys in the area are using regularly in teh conditions you will go out in?
9m for a beginner your size in WA is pretty standard for a first kite / no quiver yet, to be able to get out in an ok wind range - but maybe the 11.5 suits your conditions?

i've read that the kite itself is pretty good over the years - but no personal experience with them.
all the best with learning!

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18 Dec 2014 3:25PM
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The 11.5 ( 12m) argo is super stable and easy to relaunch for 65 to 68 you could get going in 10-11 knots up to 18+knots depending on skill level. It would be your light wind kite, a 9m would be good for the 15 to 20+ knots

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18 Dec 2014 6:15PM
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As a beginner this kite will suit you well. Add a 9m to that and you will be kiting in all winds
The Argo kites are very user friendly and most defiantly have the best relaunch abilities, gets you out of s#*t in the surf
The Argo is also great for intermediate to advanced, so you will enjoy this kite till the end

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19 Dec 2014 4:15PM
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agree with all the posts above. If you are only going to buy one kite at this stage however the 11.5 is too big for you. Get a 9 or 10. The argo's are powerfull for their size.


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"2012 Griffin Argo 11.5m - recommend?" started by MickDavie