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2012 north rebel 11m vs 12m

Created by Bdlong > 9 months ago, 20 Jan 2015
VIC, 1 posts
20 Jan 2015 1:27PM
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I'm currently running a 9m Vegas. Just sold my 11.5m griffin and love using my mates 11m 2014 rebel.

I'm 89kg, love boosting and doing average backrolls. Ride a TT 70% and surfboard 30%. Beginner to intermediate.

Looking at a 2012 11m or 12m north rebel. The obvious choice is the 12m for better kite quiver range but have heard reports that the 11m does as big a range AND flys much better.

Also that the 2012 is a better model than 2013?

Can anyone confirm?

I'm set on a rebel just not sure what year/size.

QLD, 1645 posts
20 Jan 2015 5:40PM
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2011 rebel was the best year I recon. 2012 was also amazing. The bottom and top end of the 11m is fantastic. I don't know what happened with the 2013 rebel but it was a dog, everything about it was ****, even the bar. Stay away from 2013

NT, 132 posts
21 Jan 2015 12:05AM
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2013 rebel= ****......

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21 Jan 2015 4:59AM
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What about the 2014 model?


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