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2014 Griffin TRX Pro

Created by keiranchiro > 9 months ago, 9 Mar 2014
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10 Mar 2014 2:06AM
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Rider: 81kg,Level (intermediate)
Style: Freeriding
Weather: 8-18 knots
Build Quality: ?/10 The bar looks a little rough compared to say a North Trust bar, but I find it works absolutely fine.
Satisfaction: 11/10
Disclosure: I got my 17m TRX and 12m Argo at Ambassador prices.

My Comments: I'm not really going to do a review here as it is really late and I need to get to bed but I finally got these images off my friends computer.

The location is the beautiful Wagonga Inlet at Narooma. I suggest you try it but make sure you pick high tide. We kited for about three hours straight this day but in the end we only had about 5cm of water for much of the run. I really don't want you there during the last two weeks in January because Chris Clement (the black 2013 TRX) and I (Keiran Shanahan Blue/Orange Kiter's Chiro 17m TRX) will be back there again and three or four kites would make it dangerously overcrowded.

My short review is this: I really love this kite. The pictures will probably show why.

PS: Astute observers will not that my TRX is incorrectly labelled as an Argonaut. This was just a confusion that arose in the factory when I got my practice advertising put on the kite. It really is a TRX Pro.


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