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2014 Ozone Catalyst vs SlingShot Rally Ur Opinion!

Created by prastis > 9 months ago, 2 Sep 2014
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2 Sep 2014 5:10AM
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Okay after a few threads on these forums and after a great feedback from you guys I hope this will be my last post regarding gear selection since I have found 2 great deals which I am unsure on what to follow.

Ozone Catalyst 2014 12m vs Slingshot Rally 12m 2014 both at 850 euro

Ozone Catalyst is brand new from a guy whos selling it, he had an accident with a friends kite so he stopped kiting at all and he didnt even use the kite once. after reading few biased reviews for the catalyst I think it will be a fun kite for me to start my kiting career on. As far as I understood catalyst has the potential to keep me busy for a few years since its beginner friendly up to advanced riders for some unhooked tricks. I like the idea of having a kite which will require more control and turning in comparison with the rally. I also love its colours which is a bit irrelevant.

The Slingshot rally is again used from a guy which was used a few times like 4-5 times I think but its in an excellent condition as well (thats what it seems like). Everybody says rally and slingshot overall are great and rally looks like a very nice kite but I dont like the fact that its a bit tankish. I talked with a guy whos 100 kg and he said he has the rally 2014 12m and the kite is pulling him hard sometimes. I am 80kg so I guess it will drag me hard as well. In my mind I have the rally as an easy kite which does not require much steering or skill (sorry if i am mistaken) which I will lock into the window and it will do the work for me. Apart from these I am sure its an excellent kite for beginners with great relaunching, wind range etc.

I am hyped to go for the Catalyst for several reasons, such as its condition, the potential of the kite, the looks, the steering and skill required which is intriguing. Its like i feel the satisfaction I will have from riding the catalyst will be better from the rally cause as far as i understood with the rally its easier to get speed, again correct me If I am wrong.

However will I have issues with the catalyst since its a hybrid c? Is the rally a clearly better choice for me since its a delta kite or it does not matter since hybrid c its okay for beginners?

I am very undecisive in general and I change my mind within seconds which is not good. I would really appreciate some unbiased opinions. I am 80kg btw ,1.75m height and a total newb.

Thank you once more.

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2 Sep 2014 8:11AM
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Go the catalyst.pretty much a good all rounder. I use mine for waves and freeride jumping. Good with surfboard or twintip.To be honest both kites have a good rap.But the ozone does look good.

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2 Sep 2014 9:14AM
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you can't go wrong with a Cat, especially if you are just starting out. As mentioned, great all rounder. Suffers a bit in the surf I feel, but you won't notice any of that until you are much better, and by then you will really understand and know what you want in a kite. Good luck and be safe, ask lots of questions, and take your time understanding self rescue and board retrieval. You will need those skills and the better you are at them the easier it will be to progress safely.

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9 Sep 2014 5:10PM
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All you will get by asking this question here is a positive opinion and a push towards whatever kite the responder is riding. Best for you to demo both kites and see which you prefer. you really cant make a decision based on if it's a hybrid c or a delta. FYI i sold my 12m 2014 Rally because it did pull allot different than the two models befor it but i still enjoy riding a 2014 9m Rally. All comes down to personal preferance...


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