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2014 north whip surfboard

Created by Floodyqld > 9 months ago, 19 Dec 2014
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19 Dec 2014 7:57AM
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Rider: 70kg
Style: surf
Weather: 15 knots
Build Quality: 1/10
Satisfaction: 2/10

My Comments: After kiting on my surfboards since I started 3 years ago I wanted a designated kite board and went with the North Whip 5ft 5in. In the first week the gel coat started to come off and the rails started to split!!! Took it back and North would not replace it so the shop paid for it to be repaired. 6 months later and the same thing is happening. Going back to my surfboards that have not split!!
In small surf the whip is great to flick around and very loose. Do not recommend this board for quality!!

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6 Jan 2015 4:26PM
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I have seem a couple Wams and kontacts with split rails. My 2014 Kontact has just started showing signs of split rails, as well.
It is a shame, because the Kontact is a great board.


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