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2015 North Select

Created by LostDog > 9 months ago, 1 Dec 2014
WA, 444 posts
1 Dec 2014 8:44AM
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I'm in the market for a new twintip, and one I'm eyeing is the North Select 2015.
Has anyone ridden one of these, and if so, could you give me some feedback?


WA, 444 posts
3 Dec 2014 2:56PM
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Ok, so perhaps someone rides a 2014 version... even a review of that will do.

NT, 132 posts
3 Dec 2014 7:51PM
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I have 2013 and have ridden 2014...
The best freeride board around i recon. super light, stiff core with nice plush tips for taking up the chop and for those nice carving turns.
I have 135 and im about 90kg wet and i love it, probly should of gone a bigger size bit its so nice to ride..
Only way to see is take one out for a demo..
Take your checkbook as there not cheap..

WA, 619 posts
4 Dec 2014 8:27AM
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I have a Shinn Monk and the Select seems very similar rail wise and thinkness wise. Is the performance the same/similar?

speed brother
QLD, 126 posts
4 Dec 2014 8:50PM
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I have a 2015 135 select. Brilliant board, ride in 12-30 knots on the same board.

Adrian Ferguson
NSW, 15 posts
26 Jan 2015 10:14AM
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Hi, I have had a North Select for 3 years, be careful with build quality. I have to replace the North foot straps every year as they wear on the front and then your toes catch the material when putting your feet in, the CF pads last a lot longer. The board also cracked on both ends at the screw holes at just over a year picture at one year.

WA, 468 posts
28 Jan 2015 1:39AM
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Disclosure: I work in a shop, selling North.
I have had a Select 138 the last 2 seasons, so both 2014, and 2015. Prior to that I have had a team series (2013), couple of Jaime pro (2012 and 2011)and before that boards from naish, cabrinha, airush and litewave. I'm old, late 40's, like free riding with mates and kite mostly in the standard perth chop. I like a good blend of comfort and speed and find that the select has the right blend of flex tips so it eats up chop and stiffness through the centre to keep you planing, for me!
We sold heaps of selects this year to guys just like me. Yes it is expensive, are there cheaper options, yes the north x ride has a pretty similar performance for about $500 less, but it's a bit heavier and not made of carbon .
I have tried the monk and like everyone says it's super comfy, but a has a very soft flex pattern, and I found sucked a little power from the kite. The nearest board we have to the monk is probably the best Admiral.
The old rule still applies demo demo demo.
We don't have a select in demo but if you are up at kitestock ask nicely and I might let you try mine

WA, 444 posts
28 Jan 2015 8:57AM
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It took a bit for me to get rid of my Monk - I think the original Gorilla is a wicked looking board, and is a great ride.

I got a second-hand 2012 North Select at a reasonable price and after some initial "wtf have I done" thoughts I am now quite happy with the change.

I am no professional kite boarder and neither can I write reviews like Eppo and Co., but here are some of my thoughts. Keep in mind it's a comparison to the Monk (2010).

The Monk puts up way less spray! I find myself forever wiping water off my face on the Select. But thinking about it it may be a case of me being able to hold a better edge with the Select and go so much faster than I could with the Monk.

In comparison to the Monk, I absolutely fly upwind on the Select - this is most likely a technique thing with me since others who own Monks don't seem to complain about their ability to go upwind. For me however, it is worlds apart.

The Monk flew through chop, where I find myself having to work a bit more on the Select - not sure the word is right, but it feels a bit 'skatey' or loose in the chop. (And again - a lot more spray)

The Select is lighter and stiffer than the Monk, I seem to pop easier but landings from jumps feel a little harder.

The footstraps and pads are great, better in my opinion than those on the Monk. The only issue I have is that once they are wet they feel loose, but they are not since kicking the board off requires more effort than needed with the Monk.

So, yes, I like the Select - but I would struggle to convince myself to drop the required amount of dough for a new Select.


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