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2017 Airush Converse Surfboard

Created by Nath > 9 months ago, 7 Oct 2016
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7 Oct 2016 9:02AM
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From the first session, this has become my favourite board of all time.

Conditions: down-the-line, double overhead, 20knts, cross shore

Kites used: 2017 Airush Wave 7m and 9m

Rider: advanced, Airush team rider, 69kgs

Setup: 5'9" board, strapless, front deck pad, no wax, Flying Objects harness

Performance: loose, responsive, smooth, fast, sweet out of box, perfect board, relaxed, no compromise needed, instantly feel at one with board, controlled bottom turns perfect arc, super snappy top turns and instant acceleration down face with no sign of bogging down, loves high in the pocket, edge holds solid, smooth tracking across steepest walls with confidence, slides predictable, absorbs rough water keeping balance and underfoot, trucks back upwind to the lineup

Conclusion: if you were to build the best performing surfboard based on combination of knowledge from entire history of surfing and wave kiting this would be it! Worth a demo if keen for no compromise, competition, top shelf wave riding.

Pics below:


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