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2017 Airush Lithium vs. Slingshot Rally

Created by armchairamateur > 9 months ago, 9 Dec 2016
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9 Dec 2016 10:52AM
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Hi All,

I'm looking for some advice on 12m Slingshot Rally vs. Airush Lithium. Any thoughts on which would be preferable/advantages of one versus the other?

I'm considering buying a larger kite to get me out in lower winds. Looking to keep progressing, and hence want to be out on the water as much as possible. I kite in the river mainly. Currently have a 9m.

Rider: 67 kg, Beginner/Intermediate - Can surf upwind and turn confidently; can jump but not land.
Style: Freeriding
Weather: Looking for kite for 12-18 knots-ish


WA, 175 posts
9 Dec 2016 8:23PM
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I can't speak for the rally but the Lithium is a very grunty stable kite.

I'm 105 kegs on a dry day and kite a 12m Lithium. I can get going in 11 knots but prefer 15 to 20 knots. After 20 I'm getting overpowered.
I'd recommend the kite to any beginner to intermediate kiter who wants to get the most out of the wind. Jumps well and has a good hangtime, though my jumps are only 2-5m and I don't try any rotations due to being a clumsy bugger.

I'd suggest that you look to demo a smaller size, given your weight.

VIC, 554 posts
10 Dec 2016 4:54AM
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I have a 6 meter 2012 and is a very good grunty kite. Turns quick and easy relaunch.

QLD, 1649 posts
10 Dec 2016 9:18AM
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are you looking at getting a brand new kite? if so slingshot just relesed new sizes to the turbine, and the 11m is mind blowing. more power then a 12m lithium. tough build. big lofty hangtime and boosts to the moon. the turbine is like the rally but on steroids. at 67kg you will be having fun in 12knots, and you wont out grow the kite as you progress.

SA, 13 posts
10 Dec 2016 7:11PM
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Hey there,

I have a 12m rally 2016, it's a powerhouse. I'm 86 kg and it pulls me hard in 15kts. Great kite and feels like I'm riding a hanglider!! But at your weight I would stick with a 10 unless you wanna get lofted!
Other 12m kites are way less powerful .


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10 Dec 2016 6:12PM
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I had the Lithiums from 2010-14 and then moved on the the VX and now Unions. As a brand Airush are massively underrated imo.

To learn on and progress they are great. I personally preferred them to the Ralley as I found them faster moving through the window and that little bit more nimble. Boost and hang time is great on both kites. I also highly favoured the feel of the Airush bar, the Slingy bar cut my hands to bits.

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11 Dec 2016 7:24PM
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Thanks All, Appreciate the feedback!

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2 Jan 2017 10:22PM
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I'm riding actually with the Airush Varial X and i would like to change my quiver for the next season. I'm hesitating between the Slingshot Rally and the Airush Union for an allround kite which boosts well with a great hangtime.


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