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2017 Airush Wave Kites

Created by Nath > 9 months ago, 7 Oct 2016
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7 Oct 2016 9:38AM
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The latest Airush Wave kites feel so refined and fun to use. The stable drift and willingness to stay high when riding down-the-line conditions allows you to take your mind off the kite and focus on surfing the wave. It is such an intuitive kite and feels like it switches to auto-pilot when you get on a wave.

Conditions: down-the-line, double overhead, 15-28knts, cross shore

Kites used: 2017 Airush Wave 7m and 9m

Rider: advanced, Airush team rider, 69kgs

Board setup: 2017 Airush Converse 5'9", strapless, front deck pad, no wax, Flying Objects harness

Performance: so refined, whatever they changed this year the kites seem even better behaved, they seem to be so well tuned and refined, perfect turning, perfect power, huge sweet spot, progressive depower with imomediate response, light feel, gust absorbing even in smaller sizes, ideal handling and forgiving feel perfectly complements strapless riding, invites you to switch off power and surf power from the wave while happily hovering above, high flow valve for quick inflate and deflate, bags designed to comfortably carry surfboard, bar, pump, even have a soft cloth lined pouch for phone or GoPro, keys, etc. New look again goes for slightly more conservative hipster grunge look which oozes style.

Conclusion: Having used a number of highly regarded wave kites I'm really stoked to be riding what I would consider to be my favourite wave kite ever. Worth a try if you're after a dedicated wave kite!

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5 Nov 2016 12:52PM
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I've been riding my new 2017 wave kites a fair bit lately. I have to agree with Nath that they are great kites. I am a fan. I can't notice a big difference from last year, there has been a few tweaks, but I find they fly quite similar to last years. That is a good thing as they have always been an awesome kite. If your into kiting waves and like a fast and responsive kite that has great drift, get your hands on one and give it a go.

NSW, 839 posts
5 Nov 2016 4:43PM
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Has the reduction in bridle made much difference to feel?
Is it less likely to tangle in the wing tip?


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