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Created by patkite > 9 months ago, 22 Dec 2016
WA, 9 posts
22 Dec 2016 4:34PM
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Hi Guys !!As I'm about to get a new bar,
I would like to hear from you guys that have tried the new CLICK BAR ....
What are the pros/cons of the CLICK BAR comparing to the QUAD CONTROL bar ?
Cheers !!!

QLD, 277 posts
23 Dec 2016 2:15AM
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I have had it for a while now.
I know you will have seen all the ads etc....

the best part about this bar is the comfort.
The LICORICE STICK (de-power strap). Is fantastic it is so comfortable, I call it the liquorice stick because it is rectangular, due to it's shape it never pinches your fingers. It is my favourite thing about this bar I just love it.

The clicker allows you (like on a below the bar set up) not to have to disturb your balance or weight from having to reach above the bar.
The physical action of using the clicker is like pushing the button on the back of a domestic bathroom lock. it literally looks just like it and that's how you depower, multiple clicks are a breeze.
Now on the other hand powering it up is like cranking a old can opener. Let off the bar pressure a tad to wind it. It is simple to turn but not as easy as pulling on a cleat system.

Everything is a trade off though right, every kiting piece of equipment I have ever used gains a little of this and looses a little of that.
I have had the bar out in up to 40 knots and it didn't fall apart like a cheap watch or a cheap egg beater fishing reel.
The thing is after using both( I have been on new north Dice 3 seasons in a row) I think the sum of it's parts will probably last longer then the normal north bar or any bar of that style.

WA, 1372 posts
23 Dec 2016 7:06AM
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The click bar is fantastic;

-Sliding stopper works flawlessly for epic deadmans or adjusting your harness without the kite falling out of the sky
-The auto-unspin (of centre lines) is so perfect - it puts even the core bar to shame.
-Click trim system seems like it will last for ages (once you actually get your hands on it you will see - I was a massive hater when it first came out)
-Like the guy above said - the liquorice stick style centre line is comfortable, and should last for ages too.
-North safety release (on both) is super re-assuring

Cons for click bar;
-5 line rebel/vegas setup does not flag to the 5th, it still flags fine but apparently flagging to the 5th is the ultimate in safety.
-If you're a mad unhooker doing righteous spins, there are probably better options for softer bar ends and perhaps a shorter bar so the kite stays more still.


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