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2018 Airush Converse

Created by Nath > 9 months ago, 10 Dec 2017
WA, 110 posts
10 Dec 2017 2:36PM
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Airush Converse 2018

This year's model has the same epic feel that the Converse is known for. I really appreciate the instant acceleration, loose feel and willingness to go beyond vert in the pocket of a wave. The board draws out the bottom turn perfectly to keep maximum speed and easily snaps around at the top giving the option of a slide or engaging the rail for a tight gouge and direct run down the wave. The ride is smooth and forgiving and rides up high remaining loose and ready to change direction at an instant. The construction seems excellent, the boards are light and strong with enough flex to ensure a comfortable ride.

I've chosen to go with the smallest size again which works really well for me at 70kg and riding without straps. Compared to the 2017 5'9" Converse, it seems to accelerate slightly faster and have more bight in the turns, but this is likely to be more due to the fins and it is also a bigger board.

The switch from FCS to Future fins will also be an advantage this year. On other boards, the FCS needed to be checked and tightened regularly, the Futures should resolve this and also provide greater stiffness, strength and protection for the board.

Another consideration is the dedicated shift to eco friendly production methods - It's reassuring to know manufacturers are making this a priority.

WA, 104 posts
12 Dec 2017 11:25AM
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How robust do you reckon the construction is? The whole range looks good and I'm thinking of upgrading to the AMP2 in either epoxy or bamboo.


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