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2018 North Click bar (short) review

Created by Saffer > 9 months ago, 16 Sep 2017
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16 Sep 2017 4:51PM
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just got a 2018 click bar to put on the 2017 dice I picked up. Aside from 5 minutes to put together the chicken loop together because you now get a chicken loop shopping list so the loop doesn't come attached, I have to say I'm sold on the bar direction. The simplicity of the bar is amazing to use.

The incremental adjustments are great, as are the little touches like the line keepers hidden away. Not sure whether the 2017 bars had them, I came from a couple of years back.


Clean, easy to use. I don't know why north took so long to put plastic depower lines on their kites
Nice little touches, like line keepers


700 tags all over the kite and bar when you first get it, assumably to cater for the litigation friendly US market
Foam over leash attachment is ultra stiff when you first get it so attaching the leash to the bar is difficult because the foam is hard
Time will tell whether the bar lasts but given the 2017 is out and there haven't been catastrophic results, I assume it's okay.


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