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2020 Airush Lithium V11 Review

Created by Ioz 1 month ago, 2 Jan 2020
WA, 463 posts
2 Jan 2020 12:44PM
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Style of Riding: Ocean / Waves / Freestyle
Build Quality: Very good
Satisfaction: Very good
Sizes tested: 7 + 9M
Years Riding: 19

I have always loved this type of kite that has good power through the whole wind window. With Perth cross onshore conditions its perfect as when you are riding down the line on a wave you still have some power to come off the top with.

The build quality is exceptional once again and the bar seems like it must be one of the best on the market as it is quite easy to use and has a solid feel to it.

Very stable in the sky and also re-launches well, the boost seems a bit better this year compared to last.

There is nothing I can really fault with this kite and I am really happy with their performance.


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