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7m Airush Diamond Kite

Created by Shan > 9 months ago, 2 Nov 2015
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2 Nov 2015 1:34PM
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Rider: 52kg advanced rider
Style: Freestyle and Wave
Weather: 15-25kn
Supplier: Airborne Kitesurfing

The Airush Diamond is a beautiful light kite. It turns perfectly and has an amazingly light bar pull. This kite is probably the lightest kite I have ever flown.

The bar has a shorter depower throw so that people with shorter arms can reach the depower strap easily.

The kite relaunches very easily. Almost on its own ;) and is so light in the air that it almost feels like their is no wind.

The kite feels very safe and would be suited for both free-ride and waves. The 7m felt amazing for wave riding and was always in the right spot at the right time. The kite loves strong wind and has a nice comfortable light pull with amazing depower capability.

This is a sweet kite for both girls and guys, waves and freeride and I cant wait to try out the 9m




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