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Addiction Edge 138 kiteboard

Created by ultrahits > 9 months ago, 8 May 2009
VIC, 11 posts
8 May 2009 10:10PM
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Rider: 82kg,Level intermediate
Style: Freeriding, Surf, Freestyle
Weather: 15-25 knots
Build Quality: 10/10
Satisfaction: 9/10
Disclosure: none

My Comments:

Anybody know what happened to this brand made in Perth? This is my first board and still use it today. Like it a lot, very flexible.

I ant to upgrade to something that pops a bit easier. It's hard for me to compare as this is the only board I have ridden. The pads are hard and I end up with knee pain after sessions (recently rode an Airush Exile and found the pads would not cause any pain).

I am looking at the Underground FLX 135, Cardboard Tempo 135, Nobile 666 134. Any comments from anybody that used Addiction before..?



WA, 364 posts
9 May 2009 10:48AM
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Give SOS Fremantle a call (08) 9430 7050.
They have addiction kiteboards.

VIC, 760 posts
9 May 2009 6:21PM
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Can't comment on the Addiction board but can definitely recommend the Nobile 666 134. I bought mine towards the end of last season after snapping my previous Naish board.

The '09 666 was my pick of the bunch from the time i spent demoing most of the '09 intermediate/advanced boards that were available to me in Melbourne. Only board which came close to it was the Flexifoil Omega, but as the Nobile has an 'unbreakable' warranty i went with the Nobile.
Only thing i dislike of the Nobile is the footpads so ended up buying the board padless and sticking on some Cab Sync's. Nice and comfy and no more sore knees from rough landings.

FWIW i'm 78kg and 6'3" and like to ride quite powered. The 134 can be a bit of a handful in seriously sloppy chop but anything less and it's a sensational board.


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