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Adventure Kings kite bag

Created by cdogmillion Two weeks ago, 4 Apr 2019
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4 Apr 2019 8:53PM
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After years of service my factory kite bag zippers have jammed up for good and Ive had to knife my way into the bags to get to the kites. Looking for some new kite bags online I was surprised to see prices upwards of $200 for a generic kite bag! (Not a compression sack)

After a bit of searching around online I decided to have a crack at these Adventure Kings "Heavy Duty Dirty Gear" bags for use as kite bags and I'm pretty stoked with the overall value of my purchase.

Technically they are designed for hanging on the back of a 4WD tire or door. By cutting about half the straps off I turned it into a reasonably comfortable backpack with adjustable straps. Maybe not so comfortable if you loaded the bag up with 15kg + of gear, the straps are just webbing.

There Is just one big compartment so no individual compartments for manuals, bars, lines ect. Its just tall enough to fit my bar inside the bag with the kite. Ive got one of these bags for my 9m switchblade which fits very easily, and also one for my 13m Vegas which is also a fairly easy fit including my bar and lines. Could definitely take a bigger kite, maybe up to a 15m but don't take my word for it.
The zippers are the big heavy duty type, much better than my factory kite bags. I'm yet too see how the zippers handle the salt water over time but I anticipate better than my factory kite bags given the size of the zippers.

The bag is not entirely waterproof, it has an eyelet at the bottom for draining water. If you where worried about water leaking out into a car or something suppose you could silicone up the eyelet or just stick a bit of duct tape over it on the inside of the bag. The inside is made from a waterproof looking PVC material so I think after plugging the eyelet hole it would be more or less stop water getting in our out of the bag. Not really a concern for me so I haven't bothered.

For $30 bucks including shipping they are really good value in my opinion, compared to a kite specific bag anyway.
Also a good buy if your someone who buys and sells kites regularly. In my experience if your kite bag is absolutely trashed when you go to sell a kite, it raises the question that the kite might not have been looked after as well as the owner is telling you, even if it looks pristine. Grab one of these and store your new kite bag away and you might make your money back on increasing the resale value of your kite.

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4 Apr 2019 7:43PM
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2 dolla stripey bag


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