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Advice needed for new freestyle/wake style board

Created by realplayer > 9 months ago, 18 Feb 2015
QLD, 186 posts
18 Feb 2015 10:01PM
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Hey guys!

i need some advice on a new board! I'm a fairly experienced kiter and enjoy the freestyle/wake style scene, I also ride boots.

i currently ride a 2013 model cab custom with a pair of ronix boots paired with an RPM quiver. I have been out of the loop in relation to gear for the past 18 months and need some advice on what board I should look at!

so far I am considering the asylum, pop and the element.

cheers guys and gals!

WA, 1094 posts
18 Feb 2015 9:03PM
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Had a pop was awesome. Like my axis Billy more!

My cable board also rules if its butter flat although i need more wind.

Billy is my favorite kite board yet!

QLD, 520 posts
19 Feb 2015 11:08AM
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Pop is awesome and its awesome how cheap they are too. There are probably better boards around but im stoked with the pop. You wont break it, its good upwind for a wakestyle board and its cheap. Especially if you get the old model (exact same just different graphics)

NSW, 502 posts
19 Feb 2015 11:32AM
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I've ridden the Pop and Element quite a bit. The Pop as Glendog says is inexpensive, strong, great upwind, and has good performance. The Element is much more comp style. It's what I ride day to day and has less rocker and much squarer tips compared with the Pop. It's also quite a bit lighter. I usually break a few boards per season and have yet to snap either a Pop or an Element so I can attest to how durable both are. You get a grind base with the Pop and Asylum (2015) so if that's important to you go with one of those. If you don't hit obstacles and just want pure height and pop then go for an Element. All of these options will feel WAY faster than your Custom and pop much higher. Landings will be slightly harder on all models. Cheers!

QLD, 549 posts
19 Feb 2015 11:51PM
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I have a pop and infra . Doing basic uh . Can hold more power on the pop138 , loads more feel loose,
infra133 is faster n light .For lighter winds or heavier pilots?
Im going to be swapping between them as the wind changes .65kg

QLD, 186 posts
20 Feb 2015 9:30AM
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Hey guys ,great advice thanks!I don't do any obstacles and really want more pop and height out of the board, so it looks like it might be the Echo, I might demo it.

QLD, 226 posts
20 Feb 2015 9:33AM
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The Pop looks amazing but is it possible to flip the boots for when heelside edge gets thin from kiting on sand...

VIC, 475 posts
20 Feb 2015 10:06AM
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realplayer said..
Hey guys ,great advice thanks!I don't do any obstacles and really want more pop and height out of the board, so it looks like it might be the Echo, I might demo it.

id take a look at the excalibre, the Livewire, the element. just demo all and see what give you the feeling you are after.

WA, 1255 posts
20 Feb 2015 12:39PM
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what about the Ace? Liam Whaley is riding it this year. Supposed to sit in between the xcaliber and custom


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